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Hi everyone. Richard Carlton here. This week’s Coaches’ Corner video, well, I get the honor of shooting that because a lot of the questions that come in to my coaches, well, it comes into all my coaches and that is the idea about upgrading from a previous version of FileMaker.
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Now I’m going to assume that you are trying to upgrade from at least FileMaker 7 forward. Prior to that is a whole another can of worms that I probably shouldn’t get into in this video because this is supposed to be a short video.

So the idea is that from 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, whatever, you’re trying to upgrade to the latest release. So as a general rule, the upgrade of these files runs pretty smoothly. You can take an older FP 7 file and drag and drop it into your current release of the FileMaker platform and what that will do is it will go through a process and update it and get it going for you.
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Now the trick is, is to make sure that you don’t break anything important along the way. So a couple of areas to watch out for.

One is if you have a history of using Instant Web Publishing. That doesn’t exist anymore like that. It’s now called WebDirect. A lot of you already know that. So I’m covering things you already know, but that’s a product that was introduced about the FileMaker 13 timeframe thereabout and of course you can use WebDirect, which is much better than Instant Web Publishing. IWP was a train wreck.

So the new stuff is way, way, way better. It works pretty well. The other thing to consider is that of course is that you’re going to run a test conversion first. So you test it yourself or you get some key people in your organization to test it to make sure it does what they need to do correctly and then you do the official conversion and get the rest of your team using it.

The areas that you’re likely to see break are all the really kind of high tech, gee-whiz areas of the FileMaker platform. So if you’re doing PHP connections to a live website, if you’re doing ODBC drivers, you’re having FileMaker talk to an SQL or Oracle database, things like that. Almost a given that stuff is going to break out of the box. So when you upgrade, it just won’t magically work.

Part of this is that you have to determine if you have a fairly simple solution. It will just work. If you have an advanced solution in order for you to upgrade, you’re going to need to get some expert assistance or maybe you’re the expert yourself in which case you can take care of it.

So FileMaker has some documents to help you with this process, things to think about. I’m going to put these here as a ZIP file that you can grab these PDFs and drag them down or you can get the latest versions off of FileMaker’s knowledge base, off their website and they are updated periodically and so check the links also at the end of the video or down in the description.

So upgrading from 7 forward is not a big deal. But once again it depends upon the complexity of your file. If you have questions about this kind of stuff, reach out to a good local FileMaker developer.

This concludes today's Coaches Corner.

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